Volunteer State War Era Veterans Honor Guard

Knoxville, Tennessee



American Hero Dying For Freedom

Isn't The Worst That Can Happen

Being Forgotten is! ...

"A Nation Reveals Itself Not Only By

The Men It Produces, But Also By The

Men It Honors. "

John F. Kennedy, President


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"Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You--Ask What You Can Do For Your Country"

President John F Kennedy


Volunteer State Veterans Honor Guard

We Were Young Once -  Memories Photo Album


Those of us that are in the Volunteer State Veterans Honor Guard were young once and earned our right to wear one of the Military Services Uniform of

 the United States of America. A uniform that is honored in rich tradition and history.  We represent every member, past and present, by wearing our

 uniform properly and proudly when performing Military Funeral Honors. Our young days have come and gone but we are still driven to excel by a deep

 devotion to duty and a strong dedication to "Keeping the Promise" to all veterans and their families. We have posted a few treasured photographs of our

 younger days while serving our country.


Chief Bob Bridges 5 Ton Truck he drove while

 stationed in Okinawa, 1961 (USMC)



Chief Bob Bridges checking a 155 mm Howitzer

that is hooked to his 5 Ton Truck

Okinawa, 1961 (USMC)



Colonel Rolan Waters

 in Korea Looking Cool



Chief Master Sergeant Gary Woolf with  pregnant

wife Brenda  and daughter Sandra. Home on leave

from Technical School December, 1960. Hey Carl, Bob

 and Gary, I have one of those Basic Training pictures


 Look on the TV at left



Major Mike Inman  returning from a

Long  Range Recon Patrol in Vietnam

Love that "Go to Hell" hat




                Major Mike Inman

         Airborne Ranger School Graduation






Petty Officer First Class

Mike (The White Hunter) Church's








Colonel Steve Holbert, Training Flight in a T-38

at Craig AFB, Alabama






Chief Bob Bridges (Left)

Getting ready to go on Shore Patrol

looking for drunk sailors



Petty Officer First Class Mike Church at boot camp

What do you mean, I have to swab the deck again






Chief Bob Bridges (in his Marine Uniform)

Kind of Looks Like Audy Murphy







Sergeant Major "Bud" Cassidy

 Headquarters 1st Battle Group, 3rd Infantry


       Looking Handsome






Coast Guard Vice Commander Fred Adomat

where is my BOAT?


Chief Bob Bridges (left)

Still looking for drunk sailors.

You need to look in this album


         Colonel Steve Holbert with Wife,

          Faye in picket line " On Strike"

               against Eastern Airlines




Major Mike Inman has been in the Bush

to long, you number 10 GI

Colonel Steve Holbert and his wife Faye

Prior to going to the Marine Corps Ball

1991 at the Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

Ahhh, those were the days.



Chief Bob Bridges - Basic Training

      United States Marine Corps - 1960 

            Looking Young and Fine....


Petty Officer First Class Mike Church

which way did you say to  turn.. make up your mind




Chief Master Sergeant Gary Woolf (upper left) and

hand on pistol keeping an eye on our friends during

weapons training (1966 - 1967) - Vietnam



               Sergeant Major "Bud" Cassidy  in his

"Old Guard" Uniform

       Getting Ready for a Military Funeral

     at Arlington


Petty Office First Class Mike Church

receiving an award  for his Missiles

being larger than Petty Officer First Class

Kelly Rabb's

I think the contest was rigged




 Colonel Rolan Waters 

Iowa Boy

Basic Training Mug Shot

"Oh My"





Chief  Master Sergeant Gary Woolf

(Weapons NCOIC) cleaning weapons in the

 compound -  Vietnam, (1966 - 1967)



Colonel Steve Holbert

Checking things out in Vietnam, 1969

in the door way of a C-123.


Technical Sergeant Carl McCarter (Hollywood)

Basic Training in San Antonio, Texas

 Kind of Looks Like Allan Ladd




Coast Guard Vice Commander Fred Adomat

going in search for water





Check out this old USAF uniform that

Staff Sergeant Gary Post is wearing.


Petty Officer First Class Mike Church

Looks like Chief Bob Bridges finally found a drunk Sailor

I like your jail mate




Chief Master Sergeant Gary Woolf

taking a break

 Vietnam 66-67


Chief Robert Bridges (Left)

Ringing bell at retreat or could it be the dinner bell?


Technical Sergeant Carl McCarter (Hollywood)

Looking Fine!!!


Chief Master Sergeant

Gary Woolf on the right.

Do you remember these days?





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