Volunteer State War Era Veterans Honor Guard

Knoxville, Tennessee



American Hero Dying For Freedom

Isn't The Worst That Can Happen

Being Forgotten is! ...

"A Nation Reveals Itself Not Only By

The Men It Produces, But Also By The

Men It Honors. "

John F. Kennedy, President



Volunteer State Veterans Honor Guard

We are in need of your support. As a completely non-profit organization, the Honor Guard must seek support outside of itself if we are to continue this vital service to our Veterans.

By becoming a sponsor of the Volunteer State Veterans Honor Guard you can be assured that your monetary contribution will be used in the spirit it is given. Gasoline for transportation

 to and from the burial sites, upkeep on the vans, squad detail equipment and office expenses, are all examples of where your dollar will go.  The Volunteer State Veterans Honor Guard

operates from public support and private donations.  We are chartered under the jurisdiction and laws of the State of Tennessee.  Chartered August 7, 1987.  We are State and Federal

 Tax Exempt. Your support will be greatly appreciated.  Your contribution is Tax Deductible.


Donation display located at the S&S Cafeteria on Kingston Pike





They served. They still serve today.

When our military puts on their uniform, they commit to a life of service, dedication and sacrifice, all in defense of something bigger than themselves.

As citizens of the nation they so nobly defend, it is our privilege and responsibility to stand behind them, ready and willing to provide them any support

necessary. This doesnít end when these soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines take their last breath. Nearly every day of the year, you can find a group of volunteers

standing guard and performing military rites at veteranís funerals in East Tennessee. This group of volunteers is known as the Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard serves our nationís veteranís on any day, at any time, in any weather condition without any compensation. The American Legion Posts

 that support these Honor Guards have a number of costs associated with their service including the cost of flags, uniforms, transportation, guns and ammunition.

On average, there are seven to eight Honor Guard members at each military funeral. It takes over $800 to completely outfit each honor guard member.

Help WATE 6 On Your Side fund honor guards throughout Eastern Tennessee. Participate in our Day of Giving on October 11, 2017 from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

 to help. During the Day of Giving, WATE 6 On Your Side will partner with businesses and the community to raise donations to provide the necessary

means to allow for all of our veteranís and their families to receive the honor of the send off they so greatly deserve.


The Volunteer State Veterans Honor Guard and East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard

would like to thank the following sponsors and the people of the Knoxville, Tennessee

and the surrounding area for supporting us.


WATE 6 On Your Sideís Operation Honor Guard Sponsors

Rose Mortuary


East Tennessee Chevrolet Dealers

Centra Painters

Local 384 Knoxville, Tennessee

Pilot Flying J


Oak Ridge Elks Lodge and Moose Lodge Donation

DONNA FORSTROM.   12-14-17

Feeling thankful for the combined efforts of our Fraternal organizations in helping our Veterans.

Tonight, the Oak Ridge Elks Lodge along with the Moose Lodge donated $1,012.00 to the Volunteer State Veterans Honor Guard.

Thank you Kenny Crone, Marilyn Cook-Wynn, Jimmie Fox and Bob LeTellier.

Please share with others that I don't have in my contact list...

Thank you to each and every one of you that helped in these fundraising efforts.


Thanks to Major Mike Inman, Sergeant Major Bob LeTellier and Sergeant First Class Dan Morris

for receiving this donation for the Volunteer State Veterans Honor Guard.

Thanks to the Oak Ridge Elks and Moose Fraternal Organizations for taking time to honor our Volunteer

State Veterans Honor Guard.


Food City 100th Anniversary Charity Challenge



Send Donations to:

Volunteer State

War Era Veterans

 Honor Guard

P.O. Box 22122

Knoxville, Tennessee 37933


 Phone: (865) 659-4811

     Fax: (888) 959-2611








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